The Importance of Keeping your Parking Lot Clean

Welcome to our New and Improved Website. You can request sweeping bids by calling or using the email link to contact us. Parking lot sweeping may not sound like an important part of your property maintenance, but its effects are far-reaching. A good parking lot sweeping company provides a service that is necessary for the safety and satisfaction of your clients, health of the community, as well as the protection your parking lot paving and the environment. A dirty parking lot can be the source of many problems. An unclean parking lot means more microorganisms growing and multiplying and being disbursed through the air in dust and particles causing allergic reactions and infections in people in the area. Storm water runoff from unclean lots is a threat to the community and to the environment in general largely because toxins, such as oil, gas, and other fluids from vehicles and miscellaneous garbage, accumulate on parking lot surfaces. If these pollutants are not swept up they are carried by the rain and watering systems into drains and sewers, and eventually find their way into our creeks and rivers. Not maintaining a clean parking lot free from sand, gravel and debris increases the chances of pedestrians slipping and falling as they make their way to their vehicles. Such accidents can be serious, especially for the elderly and handicapped. Parking lot owners and managers can increase their liability risks with charges of negligence. A clean parking lot discourages unwanted dumping of garbage and emptying of ashtrays from vehicles. A clean parking lot and property sends a message commanding respect from the parking lot patrons. Studies show patrons and residents feel safer in parking lots that are clean and graffiti free. Show pride in your property and call or email for a free estimate today.